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  • - Homoeopathic first aid
    -- children love homoeopathy because it is a very gentle and soft healing approach
    -- Spring is upon us and Homoeopathy can offer relief for symptoms that can be aggravated at this time, here are some examples:

Hay Fever and Allergies

flowerALLIUM CEPA - onion
Profuse watery nasal discharge with a feeling of heat and burning
Acrid, biting, watery discharge from nose, sensation of rawness in nose
This is the classic cold where the person often puts a tissue up the nostril to soak
up the discharge.
Symptoms are worse for a warm room and better for cool, open air.


hayfeverEUPHRASIA – eyebright
Watery eyes that burn and sting
Profuse nasal discharge, not excoriating (like Allium Cepa) and accompanying conjunctivitis, congestion of the eyes, photophobia and redness of the eyelids
Cold water bathing helps
Always worse in the morning on waking.

Bites and Stings

beeAPIS – the honey bee
Swelling and redness of affected part, hot to touch; burning and
stinging pains. Pain is worse by heat and touch but better for
cold applications.
Can be used for severe allergic reactions with a lot of swelling


Ledum is a common remedy for insect bites, especially ticks,
the affected part is cold to touch, but sting is relieved by cold applications


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